Founder Scout

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Scraper LinkedIn.

Scraper tool that navigates the LinkedIn search engine to new Co-Founder profiles. This tool was developed in Javascript where it is stored on a server where it will run continuously at a certain specified time.

Save in Database.

The profiles found will be sent to the non-relational database Mongo, to have access to the information to update and modify it. Additionally this data will be stored in a tool called Airtable where you can see extensively all the data stored in the database.

Mailing of new profiles.

Send the new Co-Founder profiles, with the information of your company by email, through the Nodemailer tool, where the information will arrive daily with the number of new users in all countries.



Angui Clavijo

Fronten developer

Cristian Pinzon

Backend Developer

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Andres Barreto

Managing Director at Techstars Boulder Accelerator.